All our customers have access to our system online via ios/android or windows based devices where they are able to confirm or alter appointments, view progress of their vehicle in the workshop, check when mot or service is due, view & reprint previous invoices.

Timing belts/cambelts are made of rubber and should be replaced depending on a certain amount of miles/years which the manufacture recommends to prevent failure and internal damage to your engine.
If you are unsure when your vehicle is due a timing belt replacement please dont hesitate to give us a call as we have the information to hand.

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Servicing a vehicle is a must if you want your vehicle to be relaible and last. With modern engines becoming more technical it is crutial a vehicle is serviced correctly with the correct specification of fluids. Simply by putting the wrong specification of oil in your engine can have drastic effects on performance, emissions and can even lead to engine failure.


Four Wheel



Whether you need brake pads replacing on a Fiesta or full rebuild of Brembo brake system on a Porsche we 
can look after you.
We have the very latest and up to date equipment to diagnose your vehicle so whether you have a warning light on the dash
or want an in depth full system health check we can help you
Also we cater for
  • Suspension Repairs
  • Steering Repairs
  • Airbag Repairs
  • Air Conditioning Repairs & Servicing
  • Clutch & Gearbox Repairs
  • Engine Rebuild & Replacement
  • + More

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